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We are a highly rated east London based professional renovation company with over 10 years of experience

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We are a highly rated east London based professional renovation company with over 10 years of experience

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We are an established renovation company which is based in East London. During the last five years in business we made sure the job is completed to a high standard and on a pre-agreed budget. Our aim is to consistently deliver an excellent service to each and every customer, and ensuring that the entire process is as stress and hassle free as possible. You just have to sit back and relax while we bring your dream space to life.


You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. Our mission is to provide you with a hassle free service and turn your dream space to life. If you want to contact us, please DON'T HESITATE. Good day!


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I would like to use Denshield in a large walk-in shower instead of cement baoard. Do you think that it will do a good (better) job than traditional cement board?
Denshield works very well for shower and tub surrounds. It is a little easier to work with than cement board. Either one will hold up well behind tile in your shower.
What is the easiest way to cut tile?
A tile wet saw with a diamond blade is the easiest, even with the cheap bisque tile. Machines are usually common at tool rental outfits. Finally, they are so safe to use! You can hold your finger against the blade and it won't cut it. However, hold it the
What would you look for in a new shower valve? Is the brand a good guide or important factor in quality? Or, should you just look for a certain level of quality? If so, what are the signs of a well-made shower valve. Also, if manufacturer is important, an
This will be a short answer, but I'm a big fan of Moen. They have the best warranties on their parts, including a lifetime warranty on their cartridges, which is the part that usually goes bad. They are also very easy to work with. I hope this was helpful
We are planning on redoing our master bathroom. I think I might like to put in granite counters. Are there any negatives to using granite in the bathroom? Besides its attractiveness, are there any additional positives I might not know about? What other st
Granite is a great choice for a master bathroom vanity countertop. Not only does it add value, but is durable. One thing to keep in mind is the color and porosity of the granite chosen. Lighter colors can absorb and show stains moreso than darker colors,

Incorporating ceiling glazing is a brilliant home renovation idea for many reasons. Not only are rooflights and roof lanterns the ideal way to bring more light into otherwise dark spaces, they also add a sense of space to more compact homes.